During week 2 of my new Scale Your Influence Mastermind, the executives, thought leaders, coaches, and more who participated, showed me there’s a reason for community. This is where inspiration and greatness are grown!

I want to share some profound insights that emerged during this session. 

As a communications and media coach with a 15-year career as a news anchor, I’ve developed strategies and techniques to help thought leaders level up their presentations and confidence.

We have an entire process for doing that, but one step is to examine what’s holding us back.

Simply put, it’s the “brain bully” – that voice in our head that can be both internal and external, sometimes even coming from people saying awful things right to our faces.

“You are really going to screw this up.”
“Why would anyone want to hear from you?”
“People are going to think you’re not smart.”
“What if you get the facts wrong?”

Man, that brain bully can be powerful. 

During our session, we explored various ways to overcome this obstacle and unlock our full potential. 

However, the teacher (me) became the student when one of our members shared an incredibly profound statement:

“You must BE until you become.”

This simple yet powerful phrase emphasizes the importance of living in the present and finding gratitude in where you are rather than constantly yearning for more or holding yourself back because of what-ifs.

It’s about embracing your current journey and trusting the process of growth and transformation.

I am blown away by the way this group continually shows up, not only to find the inspiration to share their message with the masses but also to share their thought leadership with each other (and me). 

The collective wisdom and support within our mastermind are truly elevating, enabling us all to make a greater impact. 

You can join the waitlist to become a part of the next cohort of this incredible group below!   

I encourage you to take a moment to reflect on the power of being present and appreciating where you are in your journey.

Embrace the challenges, celebrate the victories, and know you are exactly where you need to be, because… You must BE until you BEcome.

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