When you just let go, you are at your best.

I have often described a media appearance as a bungee jump. You have your cord (your expertise) and safety precautions (your preparation). When the red light comes on you just have to jump and let that cord catch you.

You can’t overthink what you are saying, what they said, or what you should have said. You just GO.

This was exactly what happened when Jessica Kriegel made her first in-studio appearance on CNN Early Start.

Watch here.

When she got off set, she called me. “How did that feel?” I asked.

“I don’t know I blacked out, how was it?”


One of her best yet and you’ve seen lots of her appearances.

Why? She just let go. It was sheer comfort and ease and that cord and safety precautions held her right in the zone she needed to be in to deliver a compelling message and STELLAR TV appearance.

This is your reminder, the less you resist it through the intrusive thoughts that hold you back, and the more you let go, the better you will be.

It’s not always just about being your BEST (even though I felt it was one of Jessica’s “best”).

It’s about doing better at letting go.

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