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Become a Go-To Media Expert in 12 Weeks!

You will go from fearful to fantastic on camera.

This is a 12-week immersive group coaching program designed to take you from thought leader to media expert and the opportunity to land a NATIONAL TV NEWS APPEARANCE.

Before starting this…

📌  You know you have expertise that can elevate your brand and business by being a recognized expert in your industry but don’t know how to get booked on TV.

📌  You aren’t sure what you need to do to get in the media and be GOOD on camera to get invited back again and again.

📌  You don’t know how to get in the door without having to pay a PR firm tens of thousands of dollars when they often aren’t getting you booked.

After The Green Room which takes my insider information from 15 years at the largest newsrooms in the country, you will:

🎇 Know how to get on TV and CRUSH it on video to grow your business and brand.

🎇 Know how to talk in soundbites and know how to answer ANY question that you’re asked.

🎇 Know how to GET BOOKED ON TV during a program where you will speak with renowned media experts, anchors, and TV News bookers (aka the ones who book you on TV)! 

What is the Return on Investment to receive media training from Lynn Smith?

Watch how it transformed the careers of Lynn’s clients Mico Yuk and Jason Greer.

What We Will Do:

• Six 60-minute Zoom group coaching calls with Lynn Smith Media Expert and Anchor Alum at TODAY, NBC News, MSNBC, and CNN Headline News.

• Expert guests from anchors to bookers to understand what TV news shows are REALLY looking for in a great guest.

• BONUS 30-minute one-on-one1 recap with Lynn Smith for an ‘ask me anything’ after our 3 months together. 

“Lynn is honest, fun, and super talented.”

“Before working with Lynn, I struggled with my energy on camera, talking in soundbites, and understanding what makes a GREAT pitch.  It was an excellent experience and I improved on all of the above. I also got a better understanding of how to drive my desired outcome.”

-Mark Scribner
Managing Director, Private CFO, oXYGen Financial

“I just finished Lynn’s Crush it on TV course. It was awesome! I learned how to craft my story, what to wear, and what to say.”

“She even gave great background setup, lighting, and makeup tips, amazing. I truly enjoyed the course, thanks for taking the time and energy to put such a comprehensive program together.”

Bonnie Mauldin
Founder and CEO of The Mauldin Group

How We Will Do It:

• Learn how to craft your unique story so you understand how to turn your media appearance into marketing for your business (an as seen on TV expert is marketing that money can’t buy).

• Learn how to craft the perfect pitch so you learn what makes a good news story that you can comment on in the media and how to drill down the information into soundbites.

• Practice your pitch to the group where 5 pitches will be selected to do mock interviews in the final month. Then in the last class you get the chance to pitch to a TV News Booker who would consider your pitch for a media appearance.

• You will walk away with 15 years of media expertise in just 3 months and tens of thousands of dollars worth of resources, knowledge and experience.

PLUS… You’ll receive

• Full access to my Crush it on Video online course.
• Full access to my Crush it on TV online course.
• Free copy of my e-book “Confidence Quotient: Increase your self-confidence and decrease your self-doubt holding you back”.
• 30 page PDF packet for exercises and cheat sheets.

Nearly $1,000 in bonuses for FREE!!!

The program is broken into 6 segments over 12 weeks as follows:

Segment 1 – starting September 14, 2022

Introduction to the Green Room, who we are, what we will do, what we will get to

• Craft your personal story, admit your perceived weakness, call out your fears

Segment 2 – starting September 28, 2022

Setting the stage, getting your look right on-camera

• Guest speaker: National Media Insider

• What makes someone “good on TV”

Segment 3 – starting October 12, 2022

Crafting the perfect pitch


Segment 4 – starting October 26, 2022

Group assessment of pitches crafted by the group

Segment 5 – starting November 9, 2022

Mock interviews on group pitches (5 selected)

Segment 6 – starting November 16, 2022

(one week early due to Thanksgiving break)

Guest speaker: A Booker for TV News Appearances

*All sessions are recorded in the member portal in case members are unable to attend

“Lynn is amazing! Highly recommend!”

“Her well-prepared lessons and expert guidance have given me the confidence and skills I needed for public speaking and media engagements. So grateful for the coaching, encouragement and connections Lynn has graciously provided.”

-Angela Gennari, CMP
Founder & CEO at TITAN Global Enterprises Inc.

Lynn’s client Angela Gennari crushing it on Newsy

Lynn’s client Kimber Hill crushing it on Newsy

“I attribute my win 100% to Lynn’s program.”

“She taught me how to speak in soundbites, and how to pitch myself to the right audience. She also taught me how to uplevel my on camera presence, and I also won the Facebook Changemaker Award. Thank you, Lynn!”

-Kimber Hill, Founder of Virtforce

“It’s not just a matter of getting on TV, it’s a matter of being GOOD on TV.”

-Lynn Smith

“I would highly recommend Lynn for media training. She’s the best.”

“Before working with Lynn, I was clueless about crafting sound bites and delivering my message clearly and concisely.”

Kym Ali MSN, RN
Founder of Kym Ali Consulting Firm

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