No offense, but PR is a 4 letter word for me. So many people associate PR with disappointment, so for the sake of this post, let’s call it “being featured” rather than “getting PR”.

Here’s the biggest question after being featured that I field from experts. Now what?

You’ve put in the effort to get noticed, now let’s make sure that recognition translates into tangible results.

What’s next?

It’s not enough to simply sit back and hope for the best. To truly capitalize on your achievements, consider these three strategic steps:

1. Harness the Power of Social Media

Social media still reigns supreme. With a staggering 4.9 billion users as of 2023, platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn provide an unparalleled opportunity to showcase your wins. Whether it’s an article, TV appearance, or podcast interview, you must share the news on your feeds.

✅ Post screenshots of press articles and tag relevant publications.

✅ Share video clips from TV appearances or podcasts to engage your audience.

✅ Craft compelling captions that highlight the significance of the coverage.

✅ Use relevant hashtags to increase discoverability.

Remember, social media is your chance to resonate with a global audience, bolster your credibility, and solidify your position as a trusted industry figure.

2. Elevate Your Email Signature

Email remains a cornerstone of professional communication, utilized by individuals and businesses worldwide. Seize this opportunity by incorporating your success directly into your email signature. Remember last post I shared the significance of being “as seen on”.  Include that in your email signature.

✅ Go beyond a standard sign-off; include a link to your sizzle reel or the feature you have appeared in.

✅ Create a seamless integration by using a call-to-action phrase like “Check out my recent press coverage!”

✅ Make it visually appealing with an icon or attention-grabbing formatting.

This small adjustment adds a touch of professionalism as well as ensures that every email you send becomes a potential touchpoint for showcasing your accomplishments.

3. Update Your Digital Presence

When your efforts pay off, it’s essential to reflect these achievements across your online platforms. Ensure that your website, LinkedIn profile, and other professional profiles are up-to-date with your latest accolades.

✅ Add a dedicated section showcasing your press mentions on your website.

✅ Update your LinkedIn “Featured” section with links to articles or videos.

✅ Consider creating a blog post discussing the experience or insights gained from the coverage.

By consistently updating your digital presence, you reinforce your brand’s authority and give interested parties easy access to your media highlights.

Being “as seen on” is the beginning of a larger journey. To reap the full rewards, take proactive steps to amplify your achievements through strategic use of social media, email signatures, and your digital presence. By capitalizing on these opportunities, you’ll transform momentary recognition into lasting credibility and business growth.

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