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All things AI, Women in Technology

Lisa Palmer

Lisa’s Sizzle Reel

In a discussion with the New York Post’s Alex Mitchell, AI Strategist Lisa Palmer expressed both enthusiasm and caution about large language models, particularly ChatGPT.  Read Full Article

Featured in The U.S. Sun article: I’m an AI expert – certain people in law should be worried about artificial intelligence taking their jobs. Read Full Article

Additional Media Coverage

Jason Greer


More About Lisa

Dr. Lisa Palmer is a pragmatist and visionary in the field of Artificial Intelligence. As the founder and Chief AI Strategist of the boutique firm, Dr. Lisa AI, she combines her extensive background in technology and research to guide top-tier business leaders through the complexities associated with Generative AI. Her career includes executive leadership roles for technology giants including Microsoft and Gartner. With an MBA and a recent doctorate in AI, Dr. Lisa is a sought-after speaker, valued for her ability to drive tangible business value from AI. Her commitment to driving profits within an ethical AI framework, and advancing women in technology, has placed her at the forefront of the industry with her dynamic and authoritative commentary. www.drlisa.ai

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Talk Points

  • Sales – How Your Executive Clients are Thinking about AI and What that Means to You
  • The AI Landscape in 2023
  • Generative AI – What It Means for Business / Workforce / Society
  • Women in Technology – The Power of a Jungle Gym
    (vs. Ladder) Career Path
  • Women in Technology – Multi-Generational
    Empowerment (Reverse Mentorship)