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Jill Charton



Fitness, Nutrition, Wellness

Jill Charton

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Featured in the Styleology article: Celebrity Trainer Talks About Jennifer Aniston Promoting the Power of Sleep. Read Full Article

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More About Jill

Jill Charton is a celebrity, executive & personal trainer; keynote speaker; and the founder of iFour.Life.

Jill is an entrepreneur who became a personal trainer to imagine someone at their best and support them on their journey. What sets Jill apart is her experience, energy, and intuition, which allows her to build trust with any personality. With her background in physical therapy, Jill meets you where you are physically, mentally, and emotionally. She teaches the foundation of functional rotation, progressing her clients safely and effectively.

Jill’s passion for helping people has led her to expand into keynote speaking and TV appearances. Jill consults for Marvel, DC, Warner Bros, Apple and Netflix.  jillcharton.com

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Talk Points

  • How to set aside 4% of your day to achieve a happier, healthier you
  • Addressing physical and mental barriers to wellness
  • Creating resilient, sustainable fitness habits