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Brad Jacobs



Business startup & growth, shareholder value creation, mergers & acquisitions

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Brad’s Sizzle Reel

Forbes – A Playbook For Creating Massive Shareholder Value: Insights on how companies & leaders thrive in hyper-growth with Brad Jacobs. Read full article

Brad joins The James Altucher Show to talk about his new book “How to Make a Few Billion Dollars”, mergers & acquisitions, industry bundling, and the power of a calm mind. Listen to the podcast

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More About Brad

Brad Jacobs is a career CEO and serial entrepreneur with what some say is a unique track record as a Wall Street moneymaker. To date, he’s founded and led seven billion-dollar or multibillion-dollar companies, creating tens of billions of dollars of value for shareholders across multiple industries. This includes five publicly traded corporations: United Waste Systems, United Rentals, XPO, and XPO’s two spin-offs, GXO Logistics and RXO. Now, he serves as chairman of the board of directors of XPO, GXO, and RXO, and as managing partner of Jacobs Private Equity. 

He recently announced his plan to enter building products distribution and create QXO, Inc., where he’ll serve as chairman and CEO.

Brad’s book “How to Make a Few Billion Dollars” will be available January 15, 2024.

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Talk Points

  • How to rearrange your brain to make billions
  • How to lead completely differently than most are taught to lead
  • How to build an outrageously talented team
  • How to spot the trend before it happens
  • How to execute a high-quality M&A