Don’t worry this isn’t a Gen Z bash fest, but …

Does this younger generation understand the value of adversity?  Maybe, yes?  Maybe, no?  If yes, great.  If not, I’m concerned.

Here’s why.

I write to you from the airport bar where I am sneaking a bite before racing home to my family, after a few days of hosting podcasts, taking meetings, and shooting for an exciting show Fund Tank.

At the shoot today, we heard from an amazing woman, but I can’t share too much of her story (save that for when she is sharing it with you). Still, the bottom line was that had she not overcome massive adversity, at a very young age, and made something of it, she would not have been standing before us asking the host for an investment in her future.  There were tears, there were hugs, and there were investments MADE.

Adversity is often feared, avoided, and seen as undesirable.

Is it though?

You may be seeing a theme through this newsletter.  I am on a mission to redefine “failure”, “bad”, “hard”, and “unfair” *insert negative emotion*.


I truly believe the negative is what transpires into your positive.

The failure becomes your success.

The bad becomes the good.

The Fund Tank host, Joey C. said, “I don’t know if this younger generation appreciates how hard it is to achieve success and how necessary adversity is along the way.  I’d be curious if you think they do or don’t.”  But…

Just imagine what you would do if you didn’t fear the negative, failure, or bad.

This is your weekly check-in on what you would do if those things didn’t exist.

Are you sticking to it?  Are you taking on the challenge of moving one step closer to “the thing” without the fear of the unknown?

What is one thing you are doing to make sure ”you take the shot”?

Just keep going.

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