Crush it on TV 897

Crush It On TV

  • 3 hours of video training broken into easy steps to craft, book, and crush a TV News Appearance (value $1997)
  • 60 plus page PDF packet with interactive exercises and shopping guides to level up your appearance on TV value ($997)
  • 10 FREE bonuses (value $497)

Total value nearly $3500
Price $897

“I just finished Lynn’s Crush it on TV course. It was awesome! I learned how to craft my story, what to wear, and what to say.”

She even gave great background setup, lighting, and makeup tips, amazing. I truly enjoyed the course, thanks for taking the time and energy to put such a comprehensive program together.

Bonnie Mauldin
Founder and CEO of The Mauldin Group

Lynn Smith, National Media Expert,

TV News Anchor Alum

None of those successful CEOs and experts was born knowing how to get booked and invited back. They had to learn.

Rather than spinning your wheels trying to learn the secrets for this yourself, why not get them directly from someone who has spent 15 years as a national news anchor who booked and interviewed people just like you!

I’ve boiled down all of that expertise and insight into a step-by-step method you can take to start getting booked and seeing massive results in your business.

This training is the key to get you there by showing you how to craft your unique story and then pitch it yourself without spending tens of thousands of dollars for PR companies that yield ZERO results.