Hi! I’m Lynn. A media consultant and former news anchor. I’ve coached thousands of entrepreneurs, experts, and even leaders of billion-dollar companies how to develop, craft, and communicate a compelling message – whether as a media expert, aspiring author, keynote speaker, or podcast host.

I’ll let you in on a little secret: these skills can be 100% learned.

It is possible to be great, and not just for TV appearances. The same principles apply to your Zoom calls, virtual events, social media videos, in-person presentations, and any on-camera appearances.

✨ That’s why I developed these comprehensive self-paced courses where I share the same formulas I teach my private coaching clients so you can show up, stand out, and become known.

Lynn Smith Crush it on Video Course

Ready to build the unique edge and massive impact to become the next great thought leader in your business and beyond?

Elevate your career. Learn Lynn Smith’s proven techniques to world-class communication.

Lynn Smith Crush it on Video Course

An immersive coaching program designed to take you from thought leader to media expert and the opportunity to land a NATIONAL TV NEWS APPEARANCE.

You will go from fearful to fantastic on camera in as little as 6 weeks!

Flexible payment options available

Lynn Smith Crush it on Video Course

Video and virtual communications are essential to success. Without being able to crush it on video you more likely will be crushed by the competition. 

Discover how to be great on video to generate leads and more profit for your brand.

“Lynn’s program covers every area to help you prep for any type of media appearance and to gain visibility. I’m a talker at heart so Lynn’s program helped me with talking in soundbites. Organizing my thoughts in my mind first, helped with my delivery when communicating across both TV media & social media outlets.”

-Jill Charton

Celebrity & Personal Trainer, iFour.Life

“Lynn is amazing! Highly recommend!”

“Her well-prepared lessons and expert guidance have given me the confidence and skills I needed for public speaking and media engagements. So grateful for the coaching, encouragement and connections Lynn has graciously provided.”

-Angela Gennari, CMP

Founder & CEO, TITAN Global Enterprises Inc.


When I first started on-camera, I was told by a news director I was so bad I wouldn’t make it to a top 10 market for at least 10 years. Two years later, I was anchoring in the #1 market in the country: NBC New York.

That turned into a 15-year career as an anchor on NBC News, MSNBC, and CNN Headline News, and as a producer at the TODAY show!

What did I learn? It SUCKS to not feel confident on camera and even worse is having someone tell you how bad you are.

That’s why I developed the formula: the recipe to be confident, communicate effectively, and provide valuable content.

And that’s precisely why I now teach these critical skills to others.

VIDEO is the new boardroom.  We are communicating through the lens to create the good we each put out into the world.

When you gain these skills, you’ll build a shorter bridge to have your customers know, like, and TRUST you, which leads to bigger profits, in less time.

You have 5 seconds to get someone to like you and 30 seconds to get someone to TRUST you. The same attention span applies to the boardroom or television screen. I’m here to show you how to accomplish that and see big results!