Lynn Smith Crush it on Video Course

Video and virtual communications are essential to success. Without being able to crush it on video you more likely will be crushed by the competition. 

Discover how to be great on video to generate leads, sales, and more profit for your brand and business – as FAST as 3-2-1!

Lynn Smith Crush it on TV Course

This immersive course is for anyone who wants to crush it on video for any reason. Your media appearance will be leveled UP by this course.

This is the cadillac training for the ultimate get an on-air TV News appearance but the same rules apply for any video appearance.

After navigating the changing landscape of journalism for 20 years with the world’s largest outlets, I knew it was time to hang up my microphone.

I saw that

video is the new boardroom.

I want to take all that I have learned and help you to

unleash your edge on video!


When I first started on-camera, I was told by a news director I was so bad I wouldn’t make it to a top 10 market for at least 10 years. Two years later, I was anchoring in the #1 market in the country: NBC New York.

That turned into a 15-year career as an anchor on NBC News, MSNBC, and CNN Headline News, and as a producer at the TODAY show!

What did I learn? It SUCKS to not feel confident on camera and even worse is having someone tell you how bad you are.

But it’s possible to be great, not just for TV appearances, but because these same principles apply to your Zoom calls, virtual events, social media videos, and any on-camera appearances.

And that’s precisely why I teach these critical skills (which can 100% be learned).

VIDEO is the new boardroom.  We are communicating through the lens to create the good we each put out into the world.

When you gain these skills, you’ll build a shorter bridge to have your customers know, like, and TRUST you, which leads to bigger profits, in less time.

You have 5 seconds to get someone to like you and 30 seconds to get someone to TRUST you. The same attention span applies to the boardroom or television screen. I’m here to show you how to accomplish that and see big results!