You’ve probably heard the saying that public speaking is feared more than death itself. I know it’s true because I had the same fear.

If you’ve read my e-book Confidence Quotient, you know the true embarrassing story of my public speaking disaster and how I turned it into a superpower.

I am now a keynote speaker and plot twist, I coach other keynote speakers to develop and deliver compelling messages on stage.

Two of my clients took the stage last week, separately. On Sunday, I spend my usual long walk with my dog calling each of them and hearing about the incredible success they both had delivering their message. Why?

We began the months-long process of developing their message with the simple question, “What are you afraid of?”

They each admitted:

“Was the message big enough?”

“Would people think it was good enough?”

“Will I be good enough?”

After digging into each question, they realized that all of that external validation, or lack thereof is what was holding them back.

When you only seek internal validation, the noise of what others think slowly fades away.

But they had to say those fears out loud.

You see you have to admit to it so you don’t commit to it.

If you’ve ever been tasked with getting up on stage whether it’s for a keynote or a best man’s speech … here are some other tips and techniques for conquering the fear of the spotlight.

Preparation is Key: Proper preparation is crucial for building confidence. Familiarize yourself with your topic, practice your speech, and rehearse in front of a trusted friend or family member. In many cases, get a coach.

Know Your Audience: Understanding your audience can help you tailor your message effectively and ease some of the anxiety.

Breathing and Relaxation Techniques: Incorporating deep breathing exercises and relaxation techniques can help calm your nerves before taking the stage.

Visualize Success: Picture yourself giving a successful speech and receiving positive feedback. Visualization can help build a positive mindset.

Engage and teach the audience: When you make it about the audience and not you, the listeners walk away with valuable information. Engage them to participate by asking people to raise their hands if they agree or disagree with your teaching. The best way to keep the audience engaged is to ENGAGE them!

Hearing my clients express sheer joy over their accomplishments of conquering the stage, assures me that when you admit to it and don’t commit to it, your fears are simply an invitation to do the thing.

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