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6-Week Media Coaching Program

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1-1 Video Coaching with me, Lynn Smith One Full Payment of $X

1-1 Video Coaching with a Rylan Media Certified CoachOne Full Payment of $X

Get Ready To:

  • Have your message clarified and heard by the masses
  • Gain more confidence in your media performances
  • Go from best-kept secret to authority in your field
  • Become a sought-after and regularly booked media expert
  • See massive growth in your brand, business, and profits

“Had my first live media appearance last week on Newsy. I was super nervous for 3 days before the appearance and woke up that morning with a stomach bug in Dallas throwing up several times. But the awesome Lynn Smith got me thru it. She is amazing ” – Matthew M.

“Lynn’s class was awesome! From how to write a pitch to how to answer a question in a concise manner she is a total pro who loves to support others. As a result of meeting Lynn I was featured on HLN at least a dozen times and subsequently met other producers who I still work with to this day.” – Dr. Sheryl Ziegler

“Lynn is fantastic.  Before working with Lynn, I was clueless about crafting soundbites and delivering my message clearly and concisely. She helped me narrow down what was unique about me and structure my messaging so that the audience could receive timely and relevant information. I would highly recommend Lynn for media training. She is the best.” – Kym A.