Breaking news of my own, after 8 years at CNN Headline News, I have decided to take a leap of faith and explore adventures outside of TV News.  There are so many people to thank including YOU, so head over here for more on what’s to come!

Sometimes I still pinch myself thinking about all the adventures I’ve had in the last 15 years at TODAY Show, NBC News, MSNBC and CNN Headline News. I always got chills walking onto the set and putting on the microphone.  I had the privilege to interview countless celebrities but by far my favorite was Dolly Parton and my husband’s was Motley Crue.  I’ve flown an airplane and taste tested the world’s most expensive whisky.  I’ve driven race cars and cooked with the greatest chefs in the country.  I’ve interviewed thousands of some of the smartest minds and shared your (our viewers) stories to inspire others. 
Work has never been WORK.  It’s been an honor of a lifetime.  At the same time I became mindful of what I missed along the way.  Weddings, birthdays, soccer games, morning snuggles and sleep (just to name a few). I have said it before but I’ll say it again, you have to choose yourself before you choose anyone or anything else.  I don’t mean to make a selfish decision in choosing yourself.  Choosing you means choosing what makes you happy, what makes your family happy and therefore will allow you to evoke as much impact as possible. 

What’s next?  I’m so glad you asked and grateful to go on this journey with you.  There’s lot’s to come and that may take some time as I spread my entrepreneurial wings but first, things first let’s take All Good Things to the next level.  Starting soon “All Good Things” will be a podcast that can be downloaded wherever you get your favorites from now.  My goal is to become another fav.  The mission remains the same to educate, inspire and leave you moving in a positive direction.  We all have a powerful story to tell and I hope to help you discover your own superpower and unleash that to evoke impact.  Sign up here to get All Good Things feel good Friday newsletter with the “good, better and best news of the week”!  My first guest will be revealed soon as well so stay tuned as we say in the biz.

This is an exciting new chapter but not one that I landed on lightly.   Some of you reach out to me over the years saying that you’ve been watching since my days at NBC 10 in Philadelphia or remember me on Early Today when you couldn’t sleep in the middle of the night. You will always be a huge reason why I was ok missing so much of a personal life.  Your viewership was never lost on me and I hope it continues in this new space.

To my On the Story family, you created and took pride in our incredible show.  You went above and beyond and believed in yourself as much as you believed in the show.  I love you for that.  My forever Executive Producers Kerry O’Connor and Melody Taylor will always be my work wives and life sisters. Thank you for always protecting me on and off the screen.   To the Morning Express crew who didn’t miss a beat in this pandemic continuing to come into the office so the viewer was cared for, thank you for caring for me when I sat in the seat.  To my fellow anchors and reporters I had the privilege of sharing the screen with, I still can’t believe how lucky I’ve been to be in the company of superstars like you.  Keep shining.

There’s much to be done and I am thankful for a POSITIVE community to join me!

To new chapters and choosing YOU!

All good things,

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