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Brene Brown sits down with Lynn Smith at the Mom 2.0 conference in Pasadena California to dive into her own vulnerabilities and share her research and wisdom with successful storytellers.

My biggest weakness is public speaking. Ha! Ironic, I know. Before you click “exit” understand, I discovered how to turn my weakness into a superpower and unleash that to evoke impact. That’s exactly what I do on stage.

Everyone has a compelling and unique story to tell within them. My job is to help guide the audience through the strategies to harness that story and share it with the masses which in turn will make an impact.

My journey from intern to anchor has taught me there are no shortcuts for hard work. When I got my start reporting in local news a necessary evil of being on-air was making appearances and speeches on behalf of the station. I quickly learned the skills on camera do not translate to the stage. And vice versa! I coach CEO, entrepreneurs and experts to translate their skills on the stage to the camera as a media trainer and storytelling advisor. 15 years ago, I needed the opposite training. I spent years grabbing the mic and my voice would shake, my stomach would flutter and my legs turned to jelly. Everyone in the audience could see this was a weakness of mine.

Eventually, I decided to say my weakness outloud. I told an audience “My biggest weakness is being up here on stage and public speaking!” There was a big laugh in the crowd and it was my most successful appearance. Why? Vulnerability = connection. If you hide behind your weakness in hopes it will just disappear, I can promise you it won’t. If you embrace it and share the whole person you are in a compelling story, people will listen.

I don’t have to tell you that you are special. Because I know deep inside lives your life story and you have incredible expertise to support that. What we need to do is discover what that story is, tell that story in a compelling way and unleash that story to evoke impact.

As someone who has interviewed hundreds of “special” people, I can tell you that not everyone’s amazing story gets shared in the right way to have that massive impact on the world.

My goal is to help you share that story not only in the right way but in the most compelling way.

I am a recovering Morning News Anchor and National Media Expert after 15 years as a CNN Headline News, NBC News and MSNBC Anchor. I am a journalist who has told hundreds of thousands of stories on the country’s largest media outlets. I am now bringing this experience to every stage, captivating the audience with my own story to help inspire you to discover your own. I have proven methodology to take you from expert in your field to featured guest on TV news networks and powerful platforms in media. I’ve taken 20 years of experience and reverse engineered the ability to get booked and captivate the screen. Come learn the secret sauce that will help you evoke an impact for a global audience on the most powerful medium, television. My expansive media experience is coupled with the unique and empathetic approach to storytelling. My motto is “There’s only one YOU, make sure that you shine”.

Some people worry their story isn’t big enough or special enough and I promise that’s simply not true. Your story just isn’t being told in the right way and that’s why I’m here for you.

There is only one YOU, let’s make sure you shine.

Help your audience shine.


Crack the Code of Confidence: Flip the Script of Negative Messaging.

The world is filled with messages to crumble our confidence.  We aren’t pretty enough, smart enough, rich enough or successful enough.  In a “more more more” society it’s easy to lose sight of what makes you distinctive, which holds us back from being our best selves.  

What if you could flip the script from negative messaging to positive progress?  What if instead of listening to the reasons you won’t succeed at something, you find ways to prove the messages and messenger wrong?  

In this inspiring hour-long presentation, storyteller, writer and journalist Lynn Smith decodes the pillars of confidence.  She will teach her 3 P’s developing, identifying and embracing the confidence within everyone.  You learn how to define your purpose, prepare for what’s ahead and promise yourself to let the small things go in order to capture and captivate an audience with your tenacity, poise and spirit. 

Lynn will arm you with the knowledge she’s gained over 20 plus years as a journalist for NBC News, MSNBC, and CNN Headline News which has given her unmatched expertise on how to shine on-camera, on paper and in the room.  You will walk away ready to unleash your potential and shine for the masses to see, which will put you, your company and your brand in the best light possible. 

Are you ready to shine?

Own Your Superpower to Evoke Impact: Develop your own compelling story to influence change.

We all wonder what impact we will leave on this world and hope it will be a positive one.  We look for ways we can influence change and hope to use our own toolkit to better the world but may not know how. 

Everyone has something within them that can be harnessed and unleashed as a superpower to evoke impact but you must know how to do it.

What if you could transform your trauma into something that inspires a positive impact?  What if instead of simply living your story, you write the chapters as you go and have the control to live the life you want to live?  One where you are satisfied with not only how you live but the impact you have on society?

In this exhilarating hour-long presentation storyteller, writer and journalist Lynn Smith will teach you how to craft your personal story and present it in a compelling way.  She will walk you through the steps of storytelling by first understanding what your superpower is, not everyone is charismatic but everyone has a superpower to evoke impact.  You’ll learn how to 1. Discover the “why I should care” headline of your own story. 2. Craft the “meat” of your own story. 3. How to end on the “chill factor” which will leave people inspired with the feeling of “I want to do more”.  This combination is how we can all evoke impact to inspire positive change.

Lynn hands over her 20 years of experience in crafting compelling stories for the country’s top news organizations so you can begin writing your own story that can transform someone or something.  You’ll walk away understanding what makes you distinctive and how to unleash that superpower to evoke impact.  

Are you ready to discover your superpower? 

Embrace your Weakness to Enhance your Strength: How to turn around what may be holding you back. 

Everyone has something they feel holds them back.  It’s a perceived weakness that keeps them from achieving greatness and ultimately prevents them from reaching their goals.  These flaws or shortcomings are often left unsaid or unaddressed to avoid feeling uncomfortable and weak.

But what if our greatest weakness could be our biggest strength?  What if what you thought was holding you back was the ticket to your future success?  That one thing that feels like a ball and chain dragging your down was instead something that could elevate you to the next level and turn around the things that hold you back.

In this motivating hour-long presentation, storyteller, writer and journalist Lynn Smith gets vulnerable with her audience to expose her own greatest weakness, public speaking (how ironic).  In a surprising and reassuring way, Lynn will show you how she transformed her shortcomings into her success with proven strategies and tricks to turning around what’s holding you back. 

You will walk away knowing how to get vulnerable with your audience by saying your weakness outloud and learn how to release the need for perfection.  Lynn’s strategy of embracing what’s perceived as good and bad will allow you to release the power it has over you and in turn live the life you want to live.

Are you ready to push through what’s holding you back?

How to go from expert to featured guest on TV News: Take your expertise to the next level to grow your brand.

There is some publicity that money can’t buy and being featured as an expert on TV is one of them.  When a customer sees your face as the trusted voice in the media, you’re elevated to the next level which cannot be achieved by purchasing an advertisement or even winning an award. This kind of trust is something that you cannot put a price on.

What if you had the insider information of what TV news networks were looking for in a great guest?  What should you say to talk in compelling soundbites that will establish your credibility and get you invited back?  What are the tricks of the trade to pitch, book and be visually appealing in a stellar TV news appearance?

This exciting hour-long presentation shows experts who are already super stars in their field of expertise how to transfer those skills to the screen. 

Lynn Smith’s 20 years in journalism and over 10 years in the country’s most prestigious newsrooms is now yours in this insider information filled talk that will show you how to pitch, book and shine in a TV News appearance that will elevate your personal and company brand with marketing you cannot buy!  

You will learn what makes a compelling pitch that has a timely news peg that producers can’t resist in a time starved 24-hour news cycle.  You will understand the roadmap to getting in the door to seemingly untouchable decision makers in TV news.  And you’ll understand how to shine once you are selected to speak on the topic you are already an expert on.

Are you ready to take your expertise to the next level?

Watch Lynn Smith

We asked Lynn Smith to moderate a panel on a very complicated subject regarding artificial intelligence. Not only was she masterful in drawing out meaningful responses from each participant but she came very well educated on the subject. She had clearly done her homework and was able to converse easily on the topic which impressed not only the panelists but the audience as well. She made the event a huge success with her professionalism and warm and charming manner. Lydia Wilbanks, SVP, Allison+Partners

Lynn Smith was magic as a speaker for our company. She was able to craft a message about becoming a media expert for our audience that combined practical examples along with humorous stories. Her delivery style was fresh and exemplary. Our attendees walked away with useful and practical takeaways that they could immediately implement to improve themselves and their businesses. Everyone left motivated. Ted Jenkin, CEO Hyperchat Social

Just a few of the appearances with Lynn

Lynn Smith has interviewed countless celebrities like Dolly Parton, Motley Crue, Chef Morimoto, Kristen Bell, Ludacris, Janelle Monet, John Legend, Brene Brown, Imagine Dragons and more!  She’s driven race cars, flown airplanes and cooked beside the world’s greatest chefs.  Her 20 year career in journalism has been seen on television and in publications like parents.com, Women’s Health and CNN.com

Lynn interviews The Property Brothers

Lynn interviews Debbie Allen

Lynn interviews Ludacris and his family

Lynn speaking at Mom 2.0 conference

Lynn’s favorite interview of all time, the one and only Dolly Parton

Wycelf Jean

Lynn sits down within Wyclef Jean

Southeast Emmy's

Lynn hosting the Southeast Emmy Awards

Amber Tamblyn

Lynn interviews Amber Tamblyn for Mom 2.0 conference

Anchor/Reporter for WNBC in New York City

Anchor of Weekend Express with Lynn Smith for 5 years

Fill-in News reader for TODAY Show in 2009

Lynn Smith interviews Imagine Dragons at Music Midtown in 2013

Special assignment to fly airplanes for a bucket list: check

Lynn Smith interviews her Husband Graham’s all-time favorite band “Motley Crue”

Lynn interviews Kristen Bell

Lynn moderates discussion with Brene Brown at Mom 2.0 conference

Lynn getting royal wedding tips from celeb planner David Tutera

On assignment behind the wheels at the Richard Petty driving experience

In the cockpit before take off

Lynn has cooked along side the world’s greatest chefs like Chef Morimoto in Las Vegas

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Lynn takes her voice to the page in a series of thought provoking articles on some of the most important topics of our time.  You’ll see ways one can lean into difficult times and grow from what’s holding one back.