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Transforming high performers into thought leaders!

Elevate your career to go from respected to revered.

Learn Lynn’s proven techniques to world-class communication.

Flexible payments available

Before starting this…

📌  You feel the message and intention often gets lost amid the rambling that happens when you’re communicating with your people.

📌  Your career is stagnating because you’re not being seen or heard the way you need to be.

📌  You don’t have enough experience to self-direct in this area, or lack a trustworthy resource or mentor who will show you how to have a stronger presence.

After The Boardroom which draws on Lynn’s experience as a top-tier media coach, you will:

🎇 Know what your unique story is and how it can be set you apart from everyone else in your field.

🎇 Know your value, your goals, and the message you are trying to communicate in any situation.

🎇 Know how to talk in soundbites and deliver your intended message in any meeting or presentation.

 Who is this for?

Executives  •  High-Level Leaders  •  Experts  • Top Performers • Authors • Influencers

People in the corporate world who want to take their careers to the next level.

What Does It Look Like?

Corporate Programs

Presentation & Workshop

One-on-One C-Suite Coaching

Team Group Coaching

The Boardroom: Self-Paced Course

This program is broken into 5 modules of online video training, taught by Lynn, plus PDF worksheets.


Flexible payments available

What it’s like to work with me and my team:

“Lynn’s presentation and workshop during our corporate summit was amazing.”

“She connected with our team and helped them connect with hard topics that allowed them to open up with each other. We walked away with specific and actionable steps to improve our own personal brands and communication as a team. Having Lynn provide her insight and communication training to a team is invaluable, especially when a clear message is more important than ever for leaders.”

-Danielle Walton
Founder and CEO Adept Marketing

“We can’t wait to have you back, Lynn!”  

“We were honored to welcome veteran journalist Lynn Smith to Munchkin HQ to speak at our latest E3 League women’s leadership event. With 15 years of TV news experience, Lynn is an expert media consultant, the host of the Munchkin podcast #StrollerCoaster, and a mother of two.

During her inspiring presentation, “Unleash Your Edge,” Lynn taught us how to use our unique stories to stand out, succeed and lead with confidence.” 

Munchkin Inc, the world’s most loved baby brand

“Lynn delivers!” 

“She has a great eye for how to position your message at the right time for the right audience. She is patient and committed to her craft. She is a joy to work with and I’m so excited for all the amazing impact we will have together!”

-Melissa Simkins
Founder, The She Suite

“Working with Lynn has been a game changer. ”

“When I started her course I did not think I had a voice, an audience or a format to even get started in news television. Her programmatic approach gave me the confidence and a format to execute like a seasoned professional in my appearances. I was booked right away and I’m getting regular news coverage.

Being on the news as an expert in my field has had a major impact on my business helping me raise capital, close more deals, and pick up clients. Lynn is smart, sweet, and a blast to work with!

Jarrod Guy Randolph
America’s Real Estate Expert

“I’ll double down any day on the recommendation of Lynn Smith because among many gifts and talents she has two that tower: substance of a curious leader that rose to the top ranks of national media, and style of a fast growth Entrepreneur.”

“Both attributes shined brightly when she co-hosted a CliffCo event where she lit up the room, emotionally and intelligently connecting with some of the best Entrepreneurs all over the country and across all industries. Before the event started, we shared a rapid exchange of information and Lynn said “let’s go.” For the next 2.5 hours we all saw two things: high performer and a great human being.”

-Cliff Oxford
Founder, STI Knowledge | Oxford Center for Entrepreneurs

Who we’ve worked with:

What We’ll Do:

• Identify the one thing you do that is unique to everyone else out there.

Say It Out Loud. Address your perceived weaknesses and fears head on.

Identify what impact you want to have.

Build YOUR story.

• Learn to deliver your story in sound bites.

Build a foundation that will serve as the starting point of any interaction you have.

• Practice your presentation.

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The 5 Fundamental Steps to World-Class Communication

Step 1: Identify Your Edge

• Here we craft individuals’ stories to learn how we embrace what makes us unique.

Step 2: Confess the Mess

  • We say out loud what we think holds us back (our weaknesses) and what actually holds us back (our fears)

Step 3: Build Your Story

What is the connective tissue between where you are right now and the perceived weaknesses that you’ve let get in your way?

• How can your story be impactful to others and help set you apart from everyone else in your field?

• Identify what impact you want to have, and how you want to create that shift.

Step 4: Construct Your Sound Bite

This is how you deliver your story — whether it’s in a meeting, a presentation, or how you show up in your career every day.

• Know your value, your goals, and the message you are trying to communicate in any situation.

Step 5: Mock Interview/Presentation

Test drive the work you’ve put together.

• Create a scenario in which you can apply these new skills and get Lynn’s direct feedback and direction.

• Build a foundation that you’re comfortable with that will serve as the starting point of any presentation, interaction, or meeting you have.

Ready to build the unique edge and massive impact to become the next great thought leader in your business and beyond?