A few years ago I was on a typical phone call with my mom.  It was business as usual.  We were catching up and answering her inevitable question “So, do you have any scoops?!”  She looooooves scoops (aka gossip but not the bad kind just fun stuff).  Then she said something that sent me into a fit of laughter.  “So, I started becoming a pen pal to women in prison.”  I about spit out my coffee.  “Mom, WHAT?!”  She didn’t flinch.  “Well, imagine being in prison and how lonely that must be.  They need someone to talk to.” she said.  

That’s my Mom.  She’s a rock.  She’s one of those people who understands what it means to make an impact on others in all different kinds of ways.  Whether it was as a candy striper in her teens, a social worker in her 20’s, a mom in her 30’s, a counselor in her 40’s and 50’s, a mentor to a troubled teen in her 60’s, or a prison pen pal in her 70’s. 

She’s always throwing herself into service and letting the ripple effect spread out like a rock being thrown into a pond.  It hits the middle of the water and whoosh, beautiful perfectly symmetrical circles begin fanning out one after another wider and wider until ever so slowly the water slows to a stand still waiting for the next rock to be thrown.

I hope that inspires you to find ways to be of service to others… to be the rock.

That doesn’t mean take up writing to prisoners, haha.  It means examining how can we make an impact no matter how big or how small.

It’s making eye contact with a convenience store worker and asking them how their day has been.

It’s sending a text to that friend you know just lost someone and their holiday season isn’t joyful, it’s dreadful.

Or maybe it’s adopting a family in your community who has been significantly impacted by Covid.

There are even ways you can volunteer online. All you need to make a difference is an internet connection.

Either way, I hope everyone gives themselves grace.

Strive for impact. Be the rock.

(Fun fact: My mom copy edits all my newsletters.)   

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