What is your PRICELESS moment?

  •   As seen on (insert your dream show)?
  •   Launching your dream podcast?
  •   Having your phone ring off the hook for speaking engagements…?

Whatever it is, it happens when you Scale Your Influence.

Here’s an example:

Jessica Kriegel has been a client of mine for years and when she started she had never been on TV except for a small local segment 6 years prior.

Fast forward to today, Jessica has been on CNN, CNBC, Bloomberg, Fox Business, MSNBC, and now THE TODAY SHOW!

–> Watch here

How did she do it?

She has continuously refined her brand, elevated her status with each appearance, and nurtured key relationships with the media. As a result, her podcast has launched, her phone rings off the hook for keynotes, she just recorded her TEDX!!!!!, and has now been featured on TODAY.

These things forever cement your brand as an influence on others.

For Jessica, it’s sharing the importance of a healthy workplace culture.

What is it for you?

Everyone who is looking to make an impact can ask themselves a simple question: 

What problem do you look to solve in your work?

For me, it’s to help others overcome everything to accomplish anything.

What is yours?

Now ask yourself, what’s stopping you?

Let’s unlock more opportunities for you. If you want to explore how to Scale Your Influence, I’m only an email away. Contact me with your priceless moment – or just say hello!

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