Make your mark. ✖️

This is the impact and influence you will have on your audience. And when you influence them, they buy from you.

Let me help you.

I joined America’s Small Business Network to share some of my tips to make your business KNOWN.

You can watch the full interview here. 👈

Here are my top 5 tips:

1️⃣ Be Memorable Fast! I give my clients just 3 seconds to make an impact and 30 seconds to build trust and rapport. You have to act quickly in this digital age.

2️⃣ Find Your Unique Voice. I advise defining your persona and leading with an authentic message about who you are. Ask yourself: What makes my brand stand out? What do I want to be known for?

3️⃣ Silence Your “Brain Bully.” I teach techniques to regain confidence and overcome negative self-talk. Just name that inner critic and prove it wrong to take back control.

4️⃣ Simplify Your Pitch. When aiming for investors, boil things down to an intriguing headline, concise validation, and clarity on how you positively change lives.

5️⃣ Mind Your Media Presence. My “Green Room” media training transforms client’s Zoom and live performances. Now, my “Boardroom” series builds communication abilities.

I tell my clients: “The most prominent problem people face when on camera is that they don’t realize all they need to be is themselves.” I instill confidence in who you are so you can lead with your strengths.

Yes, it’s that easy. Be yourself. It’s the only thing in life in which you will have zero competition.

Shine bright and get ready to DO THE THING to MAKE YOUR MARK. 🎆

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