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After his father died on 9/11 in the World Trade Center, nine-year-old Matthew John Bocchi began an obsessive quest to find out exactly how he died. 


  • The obsession to find out what happened to his dad on 9/11
  • Being taken advantage of
  • Drug addiction and alcoholism
  • Finding joy after trauma, and sobriety
  • Sharing his story of strength and resilience
  • Remembering his dad for the life he lived


“A drink or a drug is not going to solve my problems.” @MattyBoch 

“I think my dad would be proud of the fact that I’m finally pursuing something that makes me happy.” @MattyBoch 

“I want to speak and tell people my story and try to be a message of hope and inspiration for people.”  @MattyBoch 

“The events and things that I went through, don’t have to shape or define me as a person.” @MattyBoch

“I want people to for starters, not forget 9/11. And the fact that so many lives were damaged and forever changed.” @MattyBoch

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Matthew Bocchi is a survivor of devastating loss, emotional and psychological trauma, and sexual assault. He began speaking in front of high school audiences throughout the tri-state area, delivering a message of hope and perseverance. In the first memoir told by a child of 9/11, Matt intimately delves into the psychological and emotional torment that ensued after his father’s death. With heartbreaking vulnerability, he details how his incessant quest resulted in a devastating act of violence that stripped his innocence as a young man. As Matt spirals down a bottomless pit of drug abuse, he willfully risks his life in search of the next high—all in an attempt to forget his past. 

Now at twenty-eight years old and sober, he recounts his unique story—one full of heartbreak and despair, grief and uncertainty, but most importantly, happiness and hope. The lesson he teaches us is clear but intricate: No matter how far you fall, you can always rise again. No matter how far you stray, you can always find your way home. And no matter how wide you sway, you can always pick up the pieces and stand tall.

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