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Laurie Arron is the founder of Arron Coaching LLC, a premier executive coaching firm in Dallas, Texas. In 2021, she was named one of the Top 20 Executive Coaches in Dallas by Influence Digest.


  • Transitioning from corporate career to entrepreneur in service
  • Managing the saboteur
  • The mindset of moving from control to command
  • Having an internal Board of Directors
  • The four D system: do it, delete it, defer it, dismiss it
  • Creating beautiful boundaries


“One thing is crystal clear to me, that whatever plan one makes in their life, it’s never 100% the way that you plan it.” –Laurie Arron

“You can take command of your life with competence.” –Laurie Arron

“Take an inventory… who is on your [internal] board of directors now. Is that working for you?” –Laurie Arron

“I believe that in order to play full out in life and not play things so safe, you have to do something every day that scares you just a little bit.” –Laurie Arron

“We are no less mothers if we work outside of the home.” –Laurie Arron

“What I’ve learned is most of the answers I’m looking for, I already know, I just have to dig deep. And that’s a pretty empowering thought.” –Laurie Arron

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Laurie Arron spent 25+ years climbing the corporate ladder at a F10 company where she gained multi-dimensional experience in sales leadership, strategic planning, business transformation. Laurie also served as a Chief of Staff to senior executives.

Today, Laurie serves passionately as trusted advisor and executive coach to senior leaders, entrepreneurs, and Chiefs of Staff. She helps her clients tap into their fullest expression as leaders, both for themselves and for the powerful impact they want to have with others. Laurie guides her clients to navigate the hard turns, and pivot when they reach that internal dead-end of “no more.” She helps leaders not only emerge but thrive.

Laurie earned her certification as an executive coach from Coaches Training Institute (CTI), the largest coaches training school in the world (ICF accredited). She is a member of Litvin 4PC, an invitation only, exclusive community for some of the world’s most extraordinary coaches.

Laurie enjoys serving her community through boards and her philanthropic passions. She is also a dedicated member of the Texas Womens Leadership Institute. She enjoys traveling, cooking, speed walking and spending quality time with her husband, 14-year-old twins and their Rhodesian Ridgeback, Zika.


Website: lauriearron.com 

Instagram: @larron628

LinkedIn: @Laurie Benezra-Arron

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