Talk about an epic turnaround!

Have you ever been disappointed and felt like you missed a career-changing opportunity?

When I was a page at NBC, I missed a phone call to fill in as an assistant for the executives and thought my big shot at a real job at the network was over with that one missed phone call. Oh, my 22-year-old self.

It can feel frustrating to miss the call or the shot at proving yourself to the audience you are hoping to impress.

This recently happened to our TMX Expert Member Carrie Lupoli. Carrie is a Green Room graduate who has appeared on News Nation, PIX 11, Scripps, Fox, and more.

At TMX, we match newsrooms with verified experts and The TODAY Show came calling for her expertise.

(*cue the screams)

A dream booking came through for her and the interview, which was taped, went great.

Here’s the thing…news is at the mercy of time and it’s incredibly precious. Unfortunately, the segment needed to be trimmed for time and her interview didn’t make the piece.

(*cue a different scream)

First, it happens. A lot. As an expert, you need to be flexible and understand that newsrooms are working at lightning speed and their number 1 priority is to serve the viewer with the best content and information they can provide.

When the disappointing moment comes, and it will, here’s how you react.

“Of course, I understand, and it was such a pleasure getting the opportunity to meet you. I hope I can be helpful in the future.”

That’s just what Carrie did and what happened next?

An email arrived a week later from The TODAY Show asking her to do an even bigger interview!!!

This interview was not cut and will air! I will post the link in my next blog.

Take a look.

This is what it looks like to turn your letdown into your let’s gooooo!

The next time you face a big disappointment or letdown, remember you can’t control what happens to you, but you can control how you react to it. Your reaction may be what leads to your big break.

If you are interested in becoming media trained and joining our roster of TMX experts, click here. Here’s a look at our experts at work!

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