Wow, I have waited a LONG time to write those words.

I have always dreamed of putting a book I’ve written into the hands of my boys with the intention (or hope or thought, depending on what you want to use) that, someday, they will put in into their children’s hands … and so on down the line. I would be honored if you will put my upcoming book in your very own child’s hands.

I can’t share too many details about the book deal yet, but it’s a dream come true that I worried many times would never happen.

Let’s be real — it’s awesome to celebrate an accomplishment, but no one ever really talks about all the times they were filled with the misery of disappointment.

I saved many of my rejection emails. They read something like this:…

“Editor likes the concept but feels it’s too close to something they are already publishing.”

“Interesting concept, but not sure there’s a market right now.”

“We are going to pass on this.”

The list goes on…for years, people.

How did I get here? I just kept going.

I wrote about what those three words have meant to me on my newly launched website Lynnsmithbooks.com in the About section.

I can’t yet announce what or where I have signed, but I am excited to begin sharing more about what these three words can do to transform your fears of failure into milestones to success.

Join me in the #justkeepgoingjustkeepgrowing movement to turn your fear into a feat.

I want to share a special thanks to my literary agent Deborah Warren who is the reason this little engine that could has left the station.  Also, a huge thank you to Erin Dealey who has been is a brilliant guide through the new and exciting world of kidlit.  And to the entire group of artists at East West Literary Agency, thank you for inspiring with the beautiful stories you create.  I am honored to be alongside you.  Finally, to my boys Lochlan and Ryder, you are the reason for everything I do. Just keep going and I can’t wait to see what you create.

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