There is one key to booking television and media without connections and without “paying to play”.   

It’s your message.

I’ve seen proposal after proposal and most people simply do not get this right.   Let’s look at the biggest insider secrets for how to be seen.

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First of all…. is this for you?    You are in the right place if…

    • You are an expert in your field. A superstar lawyer, doctor, realtor, financial advisor, psychologist…. any kind of EXPERT who knows their expertise would be an invaluable voice on a bigger platform.
    • You are an executive who can captivate a board room but you’ve had a camera in your face before and the energy changes dramatically. You want to be able to do the same thing on the screen that you can do on the stage so your company’s message can reach the masses.
    • You have this burning in their belly…you know you have a story to share to evoke impact but are unsure how to reach decision makers. You may feel like it’s all about who you know (it’s not). You may think producers and bookers or anchors and reporters are only going to work with PR firms or book the people they already know, like, and trust.

Let’s break down the 5 biggest shifts experts need to make in order to reach a million viewers.

(There’s plenty more to it but these 5 shifts are a great start!)

When I look at my inbox I have over 50K unread emails. You have to get my attention but telling me why I should care and put that in headline form. That should be in the subject line. I need to see why I should care before I even click on the email because if I don’t care it’s going to be left unread and you can see there are plenty of those.

(Now I’ve oppened that email.)

You may have gotten my attention but if what’s in the email isn’t presented in the right way you’ve got me clicking but my next click will be delete message. Getting it right means presenting your pitch in a short and concise way with a reason I need to share your story. Tell me the WHY this is important and establish your credibility in the process.

(Now I’m invested in reading.  I see credibility in your why.)

No, I don’t mean a burger. I mean meaty information that is drilled down and full of valuable takeaways. I know why I care, I know why this is important, and here is where I want to learn the takeaway and potential solution or purpose of the story. What will I walk away from hearing your story or pitch? That’s the meat. How to present the meat of your story is essential to getting a decision maker to select you to reach their viewers.

(Now I see how you really do have a way to change lives.  I want to be a part of this goodness and GET YOU ON CAMERA!)

Ready for the spotlight. Lots of people freeze up right here.  No Bueno.  We want you to be able to convey in person what you just did so well in the pitch.   That means there isn’t just a camera on your laptop and boom you’re live. Reaching a million viewers means those viewers must view you as credible and that means you LOOK the part. You want the camera at eye level. A ring light to bring your shot to life. There are a few easy trade secrets I share that will make this easy for you.  (You’ll get the link to my favorite when you watch this class!)   Then a simple background that is clean but pops of color so it’s pleasing to the eye but not distracting from the star of the show…YOU.

(Now you feel prepared and confident and ready to put your best foot forward with this exposure.)

Lights camera action, this is where you shine. That means you must be a master of communicating your story and messaging so it’s clear, concise but most importantly compelling.  It just hits different than any other spotlight. It captivates.. How? You want to condense your sound bites into 20-30 chunks chock full of a headline or why I should care and that’s the first thing out of your mouth, then some meat of information and takeaways for the viewer and end on the chill factor which is what I coined for the last thing you say that will leave your viewers with the chills because it’s that memorable.

(You just left an unforgettable impression.)

Do you see how powerful it can be when you make some simple shifts?

It sounds simple written like that.  And when followed, this absolutely brings results.  Most experts don’t get it right on their first round, so keep practicing.

You can feel 1000% confident in your message, delivered by you, reaching a million viewers.  And most importantly, moving forward your mission to leave the world a better place.

Focus on these 5 shifts and you’ll leave an impact as a national expert and brand.

If you want to go even faster, surround yourself with the experts who are already doing it.

You’re already an expert so I know you understand this.  But most experts have simply never been trained into the media space and can be a little surprised at how hard it is to take your confident expertise in front of the camera (or even to pitch in front of the boardroom).

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