Are you an executive or entrepreneur who assumes everyone understands how brilliant your message is and it’s just a matter of time before it reaches the masses?

Did you know only 14% of employees even understand their company’s strategy and only 10% of companies successfully execute their strategy, according to Forbes????

What a missed opportunity.

That’s why I’ve put together the 3 mistakes CEOs make in their messaging.


  1. Not Listening.
  2. Skipping the discovery phase.
  3. Not telling me a story.

Not listening:

I’ve coached a number of CEOs who are so married to their message they aren’t listening to what the marketplace is telling them.

It’s ok to adjust your messaging to match the needs of your market and that will only come from listening.

That means listening to your CMO, employees and customers who are waving the red flag that they aren’t getting the message. Learn to listen and pivot.

Skipping the discovery phase:

I’ve too often seen eager storytellers jumping directly into the development phase of their messaging.

This is like assembling a bed before you read the instructions.

The discovery phase is when you validate your message with your audience. That could be your employees or your customers.

Is this message resonating with them, are they “getting it”, do they respond to the message in the desired way?

Without taking the time to ask questions in the discovery phase, you won’t know how to craft your message in the development phase and finally execute it effectively in the implementation phase.

Not telling me a story:

You must cut through the clutter to capture the attention for your message to even be heard. How?

Tell me why I should care and that is the first thing you see, hear or read.

Then give me the meat of your message which will leave me with a clear and concise understanding of your message and finally end on the chill factor.

Leave me with “chills down my spine” kind of memorable messaging that will not soon be forgotten.

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